Mesh Welding Electrodes

Wirepro can supply electrodes in a range of beryllium and non-beryllium alloys to suit mesh welding machines from all manufacturers, including EVG, Schlatter, Clifford and Schnell. We have the ability to manufacture electrodes of custom sizes and alloys

Typical electrodes include

Octagonal40 x 20 with 15Ø bore
Octagonal40 x 16 with 15Ø bore
Quadrilateral40 x 40 x 25
Quadrilateral38 x 38 x 25
Quadrilateral38 x 20 x 80
Trapezoid52.5/24 x 25 x 50
Trapezoid52.5/18 x 30 x 50
Dovetail38/34 x 23.5 x 50